Because creating a safe workplace is not only
financially smart— it's people smart.

Any time one of your employees is injured, it costs your company. The loss can be in production, hiring and training a replacement, rescheduling work or the loss of a project or job. Plus, the injury can cause workers’ compensation premium rates to go up. In Retro you have an opportunity to turn your good safety performance into a refund from L&I by preventing injuries and controlling losses.

No politics. No red tape. Just low cost, fewer injuries, and maximized savings for your company.
  • When it comes to Retrospective rating programs, you do have options. However, no other program will save you more resources and provide you with better training, and deliver higher group refund percentage than Washington Manufacturers Council. Not only is WMC the most affordable retro program in the industry we also strive to lower the premium amount our customers are paying to Labor & Industries. Through retro refunds and controlling claim costs we provide savings that other retro groups just can’t match.

    WMC will look back at your claim history to identify gaps and show you how improvements in safety and claim management could have saved you money then and how it will save you money in the future.

As one of the oldest and most experienced retro groups in the state of Washington we give you the experience of a large firm with the personal touch of a small company.

Not only do we work for you but we work with you. When you give WMC a call you will talk to a claim manager who knows your business and industry. Our claim managers work very hard to get claims closed, which keeps their caseloads low ensuring that you get the highest level of service possible.

Just what is Retro? Let us explain.

Retro, short for retrospective rating, is a safety incentive program offered by Labor and Industries. If your business can reduce workplace injuries and lower claim costs you may qualify to earn a partial refund of your workers’ compensation premiums. Simply put, your premiums and claim costs are calculated retrospectively. If your claim costs are less than the premium paid for that time period you may be eligible for a refund. The refund along with the lower future premium you could be paying due to having fewer claims is a savings that cannot be ignored.

When you qualify for Retro and choose Washington Manufacturers Council as your Retro Program Manager, you are joining other manufacturers across Washington State that are just as serious about safety and cost savings. Members of WMC represent some of the most safety-conscious enterprises in the state. The benefits of joining a Retro program are numerous. You’ll experience less exposure to large claims and realize greater savings as a member.

Here is where we come in.

Washington Manufacturers Council can help with the Retro Refund Process on several levels. We work with you throughout the year to keep your employees safe and your L&I premiums down. Here’s how we do it.

We jump in at the beginning. We believe that success starts at the source—at your place of business, with your workers. That’s why we take the time to educate our clients about innovative and efficient ways to implement safety programs. Whether your group is on the forefront of accident prevention procedures, struggling with implementation, or somewhere in between, we can help take you to a safer workplace—and save you money while doing it.

Next, we continue to serve you throughout the year, providing assistance, training, and guidance to keep your business on the right track towards maximized savings. However, we understand that even with optimum procedures in place, accidents happen. And when they do, we’re there to assist you with getting your employees back to work and reducing the costs associated with the injury.

WMC can get your company the refund it deserves.

Ways to save you money from start to finish.

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