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"Retrospective Rating, or Retro for short, is a safety incentive program created by the legislature to incentivize employers to have a safer workplace. It allows an employer to receive a partial refund on their work comp premium paid to L&I"

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Member Testimonials

We consider WMC to be a vital extension of our own team’s efforts to promote workplace safety and manage workers compensation claims. With their guidance, we are returning employees to work sooner and closing claims more effectively than ever before.

 - Bill George - Skills Inc

It's been a pleasure working with WMC. Their knowledgeable and experienced staff is always helpful, informative, and very responsive. ​

 - Brenda Deaton - Spalding Auto Parts

Thank you for your time. I enjoyed the visit and you provided some useful information that we are able to implement in our shop safety program.

-Craig Dias - K&N Electric Motors, INC.

You're the best, Eva. Hugs!

Mike Kenna - Printery Communications

"Our company has seen vast improvements in the area of administration and managed claims.  This is a company that will help walk you through the tough job of controlling and protecting your company’s bottom line"

 - Angela Jones - Angeles Composite Inc

Risk Finance/WMC has done a great job helping my company manage claims and safety. We belong to a retro program but we needed a more aggressive plan in order to close expensive claims. ​

-Chris Carey, CA Carey

We received our proposed experience rating calculation for 2019. We are so glad our rating is going down and I just wanted to thank you for assisting us towards this end. You are awesome!

 - Christina Dugdale, Garden Fresh Foods

I just wanted to send a thank you your way for all the effort and improvements you have attained for our company! Your assistance and direction has really helped us raise the bar on our safety programs and we appreciate it very much!

Thank you from the whole group here at RMG!

- Gary Bourassa - Renaissance Marine Group, INC. 

WMC is a true partner in Workers Compensation Claims Management. They provide onsite Workers Comp Best Practices training for our leadership group. The training covered Employer Responsibilities, How to Conduct Through Accident/Injury Investigation, Employer/Employee Relationship Development, and overview of state programs. Scott is knowledgeable and engaging presenter. He has a way of making a complex topic interesting. We are excited to see continued improvements as a result of partnering with WMC.


- Melyssa Roland - Rainier Industries, LTD.

“Support staff was very helpful. 😊”

-Samantha Hamlin - Rainier Industries LTD

You have been my favorite partner for WC in all my years of experience!


-Ambre Gilmore - Horizon House

"We are so thankful to be working with you and the team at Risk Finance!"

-Loran Bond -Bonanza Press Inc.


"As a result of the service provided by WMC, we have saved thousands of dollars on our rates

and earned refunds on paid premiums. The claims management service has reduced my

administrative load and I have the confidence our claims are being managed."

Shari Miller - Neil Jones Food Company

"Having Mike’s assistance and mentorship has helped take Northwest Center Safety to the next level and I’m very thankful for him."

Jonmarie Romero - Northwest Center Building Services

"You’re the real MVP!"

Keven Baumann - Allegiance Staffing

"Your advice to date has been outstanding and much appreciated, thank you!!"

Mark Lunde - Formula Corp.

“We at Formula Corp. know the cost of a Time Lost paid by Dept. of L&I first hand... We have been working with Scott DeHem and truly value his advice!”

Alan Gangl - Formula Corp.

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Get A Free Retro Analysis In Washington
Get A Free Retro Analysis In Washington

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